If you have any questions please contact us. In the mean time, here are a couple of questions we thought might cross your mind…



Where are you located?

Fern lives in the hinterland of the Gold Coast but services from Brisbane to Byron Bay.


What do you supply?

Along with our stunning caravan, Fern, we also provide:

  •   Impeccable RSA qualified bar service

  • Glassware - wine & flutes

  • Ice & fridges

  • Decorations – for Fern


Do you supply the Alcohol?

No, Fern is a BYO bar, which will save you a fortune! Alcohol pricing at venues is way over priced. Buy your alcohol cheap online or from wholesale stores and we will provide professional bar service for you and your guests.

Fern Ally.jpg


What does Fern require on arrival?

Fern will need access to power so we can operate our fridges and lights. At venues where power is not available the client will cover the cost of a generator. Fern does not need access to water.


When does Fern arrive at the venue?

We arrive 2hrs before the start of your event to allow our fridges to cool and to get fully set up. This is not included in your billing time.


Do you only serve from Fern, the Caravan?

Have you seen Fern? Your guests are going to want to get close and personal with her. So, we only ever serve from the caravan.


Do you have travel fees?

As Fern lives in the Gold Coast hinterland there are no travel fees for the Gold Coast. Events outside of this area will incur a fee of a $1/per km.


Fern Ally 2.jpg

How do I book?

Please contact us Kelly@fernvintagevan.com.au

We would love to discuss your event so we can provide you with a quote ASAP! No stress involved – we promise. We do require a 30% deposit to secure your date with the remaining amount due 4 weeks before the event.


What if I need to cancel?

Once we book in your date we no longer take any other bookings for this day. Unfortunately, this means your deposit of 30% is non-refundable. Should you cancel within 3 weeks or less of the booked date you are required to pay a further 30% of your invoice.


What about the weather?

Nobody can control the weather but we will work with you and your wet weather plan as best as possible. Please give us enough notice so we can make arrangements. We prefer 3 hours notice.



Party on Council land:

If your event is on any other land than private property it is a requirement of the client to organise permits and to pay any fees that are applicable. We also require power for fridges and lights so this must also be organised by the client.


Rubbish removal:

Fern will not be responsible for the rubbish at your event. As an extra service we can provide rubbish removal for the rubbish created from Fern’s services only. This will be an additional $400.


Can Fern be involved in our product launch?

Absolutely! We are up for just about anything, we can decorate Fern and dress in uniforms or colours to suit your product + much more.  Please contact us Kelly@fernvintagevan.com.au. We would love to be involved.



How much space does Fern require?

Length 4m   Width 2m   Height  2.5m

Please keep in mind that we will also need enough room to tow in the caravan with our own vehicle and a space to park that vehicle out of the way.


What if things get out of hand?

We are trained will our current RSA qualifications. Your guest’s and our safety is our utmost concern. If a situation arises where a guest is being unruly and violent to us or your guests, we have every right to pack up and leave the venue without refund. The client will assign a designated contact for the event, who will be informed of any unreasonable behaviour, before things get out of hand.



Broken Glass:

There will be a breakage fee for any of our glasses broken at your event.

$1.60 per glass


Damage to Fern:

If a guest purposefully or negligently damages Fern at the event, the client is liable for these damages.